A jewelry purchase comes with a responsibility to care and treasure it so that if can be passed down and last generations.

Try and keep it in its pouch or box, separate from all other jewelry to avoid it getting tangled or scratched. This is especially important if you have purchased a ring or earrings set with fine stones.

If you are travelling, use a small compact multi pocket pouch that you can store inside zipper of your handbag to avoid it falling out.

And never put fine jewelry in your suitcase, always hand carry it with you.

Jewelry should come off at night and be the last thing you put on in the morning. Beware of spraying perfume, as it may damage stones and pearls.

Most jewels do not like water, heat or direct sunlight. Stones are particularly delicate. In case you are partaking in sports and strenuous activities, and especially swimming in a pool, better not to wear anything
other than all gold or all silver jewelry.

Basic Care

The best is always to start with a soft cloth like a shammy cloth (or chamois) to rub over gold and stones. With Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds you can use lukewarm soapy water and a toothbrush to ease out any grease and restore their natural beauty. If you have purchased a single stone, you may use an ultrasonic cleaner together with a soapy product which is free of solvent or other chemicals. Solvents can cause discoloring, cracking, crazing or fracturing. Never put emeralds in an ultrasonic cleaner, as all emeralds are oiled and can discolor

Plated Jewelry

Any plated jewelry should be cleaned with extra care as the plating may be affected by the products you use. The safest option is to stick to a soft cloth or shammy cloth (or chamois). Do not use any cloth with an impregnated cleaning product as it may affect the plating on the jewel.

Foil Back Jewelry

Do not immerse foiled jewelry in cleaning solvents or liquids as they will be permanently damaged. You can use a cloth/chammy to wipe over the surface of the gems.

Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry is generally hand painted and therefore delicate. We suggest you use a soapy solution with a toothbrush or the Ultrasonic cleaner
for maximum of 2-3 minutes. Any product containing acetone, or with Isopropyl alcohol can permanently damage the piece. Always refer to the jewel care guide by the designer when available.

Textile Jewelry

Please refer to the information included on the designer’s tag or card.
Jewelry on textile should not be cleaned with water or any other product that is not specifically recommended by the designer. Do not use in water, and wearing
textile jewelry in the pool or sea will permanently damage the piece

Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry should be given special attention as these pieces are the most difficult to repair. Please take extra care to prevent crystals from falling out or any brakeage, it is best to store them in their original box. It
may be hazardous to mix with fine jewelry, as costume jewelry might be too heavy and cause damage.

Gems and Pearl Care

Avoid heat, steam cleaners or any cleaning products containing alcohol, bromine, etc., as they can severely damage your stones. This is especially true for organic materials such as Pearls, Shells, Coral and Turquoises.

Always clean first with a shammy cloth (or chamois). An ultrasonic cleaner can be used for certain gemstones but with great care.  Pearls, Emeralds, Opals and Tanzanite’s should never be cleaned with an ultrasonic, as it can modify the color and the clarity of the stone.

Do not soak any jewelry beads or gems that are strung as it may cause the string to soften and brake.  Again wipe well with a shammy.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or refer to the Gemological Association of American on their website , under Gem encyclopedia.

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