Donatella Pellini


      Donatella Pellini brings decades of experience to her eponymous jewelry label; she worked for years with the family brand established by her grandmother in 1947, before taking it over. Each piece is a testament to Italian craftsmanship, meticulously produced by artisans integral to the Pellini family legacy.

      Renowned for her innovative use of resin, Donatella is celebrated for her vibrant and daring creations that push the boundaries of traditional jewelry design. Her collections showcase unexpected combinations of materials including metal, glass, resin and semi-precious stones. Throughout her extensive repertoire, her sense of color remains a constant, captivating wearers with unmistakable vibrancy and allure. Her pieces are delicately crafted, resulting in everyday wearable creations.

      Jill Wolf and Donatella Pellini work relation stands on 20 years of collaboration. Each visit to the Pellini atelier ends in long conversations, both women sharing their passion for art and for the jewelry business, as well as their new discoveries on the Milano food scene.

      Donatella holds a special place in Jill's heart as she is an inspiration to the jewelry industry and the fashion world. She also has collaborated with all the major Italian fashion designers and art personalities. The company was started by Donatella grandmother 100 years ago, and she is the third generation in the business.

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